What we do

We work with arts and cultural organisations in Europe and North America to improve their digital accessibility. We do this through training, auditing, usability testing and consultancy.

Accessibility audits

To be accessible, your website should conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. (WCAG) There are numerous other standards, many of which are based upon WCAG 2.1. These include EN 301 549, Section 508 and other accessibility standards.

Our approach to auditing uses a mix of automated and manual testing. This ensures we identify the potential 70% of issues that automated scanning cannot find.

Inclusive usability testing

Your website can meet WCAG standards while still presenting usability issues. By testing with real people, you can uncover any usability issues in the structure, design or content of your website.

We can recruit users with a range of accessibility requirements to conduct usability testing on your website by completing a series of common tasks and scenarios.

Get in touch

Email hello@accessiblebydesign.co.uk to talk about how we could work together to improve the accessibility of your website.